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My Journey

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My health and wellness journey started when I wandered into a $5 yoga class in my local community. I was looking for a way to better my posture and spend less money at the chiropractor. Little did I know I would find so much more than better posture. I spent five years at the same studio studying yoga, bodywork and Ayurveda with a master teacher.

The most profound change I experienced soon after beginning to practice yoga was the subtle settling of my nervous system. I practiced simple pranayama (breathwork) techniques and a well-rounded hatha yoga flow for those first years. The simplicity and purity of it was the most potent medicine. 


Through yoga I found more awareness in myself, more confidence and clarity in my decisions, strength and flexibility in my body, nourishment in my spirit and peace in my mind. I also found a spiritual community that continues to grow and branch out in miraculously supportive ways. I believe that community support is one of the most integral pieces in our personal evolution. They say we become the most like the five people we most often surround ourselves with, after all. 

I soon became a certified yoga teacher and started teaching my own group classes and private yoga lessons. I fell in love with the moments when a student would move from just doing a pose to really experiencing the medicine of a pose. Watching an individual’s self awareness grow has an indescribable magic. Being an assistant in the creation of that magic is profoundly humbling and rewarding. 


In an effort to create a sustainable career teaching yoga, I enrolled in a formal massage therapy program and became certified massage therapist. When I was able to hold space for clients as both a massage therapist and yoga teacher, I noticed the transformation become even more expansive. Practicing both sciences professionally gave me a reservoir of insight into the lives of those I was working with. It also brought my attention to the underlying needs that still begged for attention beyond the mat or the massage table. 

After this realization, I thought “What’s next?” I searched for a compliment to enhance the results in my Massage and Yoga practice. I decided to pursue advanced training in the sister science of Yoga, Ayurveda and have been able to expand my depth of healing facilitation to new and exciting levels.

Learn more about Ayurveda and how you can work with me below!

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