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My name is Beka. I’m an Ayurvedic Life Coach, Health Counselor, Yoga Teacher, Feminine Health Educator and Bodyworker. Through my experience working with these diverse modalities, I have come to understand the importance of individualizing the approach towards healing for every single person I work with. We are all uniquely designed beings and there is an immense amount of beauty in each of our different paths. I’m here to bring my specialties to the table to support you in healing your body, mind and spirit. To learn more about how you can work with me, click here.

Beka Bright Wellness Coach
Beka Bright Ayurveda
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Indianapolis Ayurveda

As an Indianapolis Ayurveda coach, I serve my clients in the area and remotely to find solutions for each individual's journey and goals.

Indiana Health and Wellness
Indiana Ayurveda
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