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Coaching Offerings

I offer a variety of sessions and packages to work with you wherever you are. Whether you'd like to drop in for one deep dive experience or spend a transformative period of time working together, we'll find the plan that's just right for you!


Doshic Deep Dive $125

During this informative 90-minute session, I will guide you through a deeper understanding of the Ayurvedic elements and how they uniquely express in your being.  I'll provide resources, activities and recommendations to support you in understanding what this means and how to harness the power of your unique physical and energetic composition for your greatest expression of balance. 

Rooted Foundations $425

In my signature introductory program, you will be guided through 4 sessions centered around making your health + life goals a reality. Through the lens of Ayurveda, we will take a deep dive into your unique composition, the vision you hold for your life and create a transformative experience that honors both. During each session, we will build a customized plan to support you up-leveling your health and life. Depending on your goals, areas of focus may include: diet, lifestyle, stress-management practices, self care techniques, feminine health and embodiment practices, therapeutic yoga, breathing techniques, self-exploration activities and more. 

Expanded Foundations $625

This expanded version of my Rooted Foundations program allows for even more space for integration and transformation. During this 6-session journey, we will craft a unique plan for self nourishment and personal growth. I will support you in finding clarity in your goals and provide you with guidance, accountability and resources to reach them. 

Nourished Growth $1225

This program is for those who are deeply committed to change that takes place over time. By making small changes every day, we get closer and closer to a new version of ourselves. True transformation happens when we consistently show up for what we desire while giving ourselves the grace and time it takes to truly change. In this 12 session journey, I will support you in making sustainable changes while you give yourself the gift of space and time for integration and expansion. May you live the most balanced and beautiful expression of your life. 

*Payment plans available

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